Windows 11 Release date and where to download it?

Windows 11 Release date – Today, the most popular operating system in the world is Microsoft Windows 10. According to statistics, it is installed on more than 900 million devices around the world. A special feature is the ability to install not only on a personal computer, but also on a tablet, laptop and other electronic device. All over the world, banks, government agencies, the military, etc., use Windows on their computers. However, not all ordinary users are happy with the operating system. From time to time, users are faced with problems or bugs of the operating system. Naturally, Microsoft develops updates that minimize the possibility of errors, but this is a complex system where errors will still appear. The growing discontent can only save Windows 11.

Rumors of a new operating system from the industry’s largest company have been circulating around the net for a long time. Some sources claim that Windows 11 will be released later this year, however, no official information has yet been reported. Sources also claim that the developers are going to analyze the experience of their most popular operating systems, and based on it, create an “ideal” operating system that will meet all the expectations of skeptics. Also, having analyzed all the information available at the moment, you can highlight such information. Most likely, the next version of Windows will receive an index of 11.

Windows 11 Release date

New Windows 11 coming in 2020? | Windows 11 Release date

In the new version, the level of protection against Internet threats will be increased, and methods for detecting malicious software will be improved. All released updates can be installed in the background, which will allow the user not to be distracted from work without losing their documents during the next reboot. They also promise a redesigned user interface, new animations, and a START menu. You can already find on the Internet a presentation of a new design style from Microsoft, which is nicknamed Fluent Design. In particular, the screenshots show new icons in the start menu. In addition, the company is working on the smoothness and stability of the system. New and improved software available in the standard set will allow you to use the device out of the box, without installing additional software.

At the moment it is not yet known when the release will occur and whether to expect a new operating system at all this year. However, insider data suggests that Windows 11 is already actively in beta testing. There are no more details, stay in touch, stay tuned for updates on the site, and buy Windows 10 . Recent builds show a high level of stability and security. Always update and use your device without fear of personal data security.

Now that it’s been so long since Windows 10 was released, users are eagerly awaiting news of the release of Windows 11. However, Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach than other operating systems. There are a lot of fake news and rumors on several websites that are calling the Windows 11 July 2020 release date. Some of them even shared the fake date of July 29, 2020. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not endorse these claims.

So when will Windows 11 come out?

The shortest answer to this question is never. According to various reports and available data, there will be no Windows 11. The reports show that Microsoft is not going to design and develop another version of Windows. One of the main reasons for this is the company’s marketing team, which has to start all over again with the release of a new operating system. Although the question, of course, is not marketing, but that creating a new OS requires a lot of time and money.

If you think Microsoft is working on Windows 11 in total secrecy, you must understand that such work cannot be done completely unnoticed. A huge number of people have to work on a project and it is simply impossible to make each of them remain silent for such a long period of time.

Another report suggests Windows 10 will be Microsoft’s final version of Windows. The idea behind this claim is that Microsoft doesn’t want to force people to buy new Windows. Instead, the company will work and improve the current version in accordance with modern requirements.

How about end of support for Windows 10?

The big buzz was caused by the news of the release of Windows 11 when users saw the “End of Support” section on the official Microsoft website. You need to understand that the end of support refers to the current version of Windows 10, and not entirely to Windows 10. For example, the current version of Windows 10, version 1809, has been available since November 2018, and its support will end in May 2021. So this does not mean that your Windows 10 will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

What’s the future with Windows 10?

Microsoft is slowly dropping the “10” from the name “Windows” and may be seeking to simply call the product “Windows,” experts say. Thus, the operating system will be called Microsoft Windows, which corresponds to their advertising campaign. Experts suggest that Windows, like any other service, will simply be updated twice a year (in April and October) to adapt the hardware for new needs.


With all of this in mind, it’s clear that Microsoft may never embrace Windows 11. However, this is not the end of everything new in terms of technology. Microsoft intends to release new updates called “Windows” without any serial numbers.

It is important to note that every detail presented in this article is based on research, assumptions, and available data. Microsoft hasn’t made an official announcement about launching or dropping the release of Windows 11. If you have any information about when Windows 11 will be released, you can let us know in the comments below.

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