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Microsoft has been teasing ” next-generation” Windows ” for months now , but the new hint is that the company isn’t preparing an update to its existing Windows 10 software, but rather a new numbered version of the operating system, Windows 11 . suggests Maso promised to announce a new Windows event on June 24, 2021, showing “the next step in Windows”. The event invitation contained an image that looked like the new Windows logo, with two vertical bars shining through the window, creating an outline very similar to the number 11. Microsoft has added an animated version of this image. Make it clear that the company intentionally ignored the horizontal bar. Microsoft’s Windows events start at 11am, not the typical start time of typical Windows and Surface events. After the event invitation, Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi said, “I haven’t been this excited about the new version of Windows since Windows 95!” This is the first time Microsoft has specifically mentioned that a ” new version ” of Windows is coming soon.
   Windows 11 will launch on June 24, 2021 at 11am and will be announced live

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Windows 11 Iso Download

Event invitations also come a week after Nadella  announced  the announcement of “The Next Generation of Windows.” Nadella promised that Microsoft would soon share “one of the most important Windows updates of the past decade.”  Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, also teased the “next generation” of Windows earlier this year. If Microsoft is truly ready to move beyond Windows 10 to Windows 11, we’re looking forward to some big visual changes to reflect that. Microsoft is developing code-named Sun Valley , which they call ” a complete visual reproduction of Windows “.

Much of this visual change comes from working on Windows 10 X,  a lightweight version of Windows that rivaled Chrome OS before Microsoft was retired . These include a new Start menu, new system icons , improved File Explorer, and the end of Windows 95 era icons that drag Windows users back to the past in dialog boxes . Updates to rounded corners and built-in Windows apps are also planned.

Significant changes to Windows beyond the user interface are also underway.  Microsoft has multiple monitors  modified plan to reorder the app issue  , Xbox Auto HDR function soon  and Bluetooth audio support to improve the looks that are ready to solve many problems. The biggest issue waiting to be resolved is probably the Windows Store.  Microsoft  in recent months  a new app store for Windows developed  has  , there are rumors that differ significantly from those that currently exist.  Nadella has promised to “give greater economic opportunities to developers and creators” with Windows, and the Windows Store seems to be the obvious way to do this.

Microsoft is said to be overhauling the Windows 10 App Store to allow developers to submit all Windows applications, including browsers like Chrome and Firefox .  This would only greatly improve the store, but Microsoft may also allow third-party commerce platforms in their apps.  That said, Microsoft won’t be cutting any developers off of using its own in-app purchase system.

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So far, Microsoft has announced that the Windows Store has cut fees for PC games by 12%, but allowing developers to circumvent Microsoft’s cuts would be a big change. Moving to Windows 11 branding also supports Microsoft’s reinvestment in Windows. The software maker expressed renewed interest in Windows during the pandemic last year, which showed just how important an operating system is.

Windows usage has skyrocketed as workers and students around the world use laptops and PCs to work from home. PC shipments also surged last year. After splitting Windows into two parts in 2018, Microsoft moved the Windows development part back under the control of Panos Panay last year. This move is a clear acknowledgment that Microsoft’s Windows split didn’t work because of its complex development experience for Windows 10, delayed Windows updates, lack of major new features, and many issues with Windows Update. But moving to Windows 11 is still a surprise for Microsoft. The company previously referred to Windows 10 as “the last version of Windows” to position the OS as a continuously updated service. There are monthly updates to Windows, but more important changes are usually offered twice a year.

Microsoft has also adopted another naming scheme to refer to recent updates as 20H1 or 21H1, indicating the year of release and a portion of the year in which the update was released.  Switching to this release of Windows 11 won’t necessarily solve Microsoft’s update naming issues, but if the company adopts a point release like Windows 1111.1, it will certainly help consumers and IT admins alike quickly understand the latest version. is. OEMs also look forward to the release notes for the Windows 11 release, and new versions of Windows 11 always drive new hardware sales and renewed interest in the operating system. If Microsoft backs it up with a new UI and a new look and feel for Windows, it will be the classic playbook we’ve seen on Windows for decades. It won’t be long before Microsoft confirms that it’s ready to dial the version number of Windows up to Windows 11.

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Windows11  Version 64-bit v2021.06

  1. System overview

The Windows 11 Early Access 64-bit version v2021.06 is a computer operating system that Microsoft will push at the end of June 2021. The system has not yet been officially launched, but the sneak version has been circulated on the Internet. Friends can also use the U disk pe or the local quick installation system to complete the installation process. Windows 11 has a big difference in the basic interface and operation, and the icons have been adjusted accordingly. Friends in need, hurry up and download the 64-bit version of Windows11 Early Access v2021.06.

  1. System characteristics

  1. The Windows 11 Early Access Edition has a variety of powerful built-in applications, which can quickly solve user problems;
  2. Use a Microsoft account to quickly synchronize related information, including various records of msdn;
  3. The operation of all aspects of the system has become more concise, and it is easier to use;
  4. Strong stability, will not easily appear blue screen or black screen;
  5. Keep all the original features of the windows system, which is convenient for users to get started quickly;
  6. A brand-new optimization of the Internet makes the network use better;
  7. It has better support for similar hardware devices, which is convenient for users to use;
  8. Personalized page settings, all details users can adjust by themselves.
  1. system optimization

  1. Different UI interface, the icon is more square, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger;
  2. Brand new hanging menu settings, convenient for users to use;
  3. The behavior logic perfectly integrates all the content of windows10;
  4. Diversified built-in gadgets, convenient for users to use at any time;
  5. Optimize the touch function to make the overall operation easier;
  6. Closer connection with xbox, convenient for users to play games;
  7. A brand-new perspective effect brings a different experience;
  8. The file management function is optimized for user convenience.

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