Windows 11 operating system release Worldwide

Today, the new generation Windows 11 operating system is being released in 190 countries. Users of devices running licensed versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 completely free of charge for a year from the date of the release of the new OS, which will also be available with the purchase of new PCs and tablets.

“Today is the beginning of a new era for Windows. “Windows 11 reflects our approach to creating the most personal human-computer experience that is built on the principles of natural interaction, mobility and trust. Together with our partners, we want to provide users with the best Windows to help people and organizations around the world do great things. ”

Windows 11 will be provided as a service. This means that now all the latest updates, current security settings and innovative services will be installed automatically. Windows 11 is the most secure operating system Microsoft has ever created, delivering a familiar experience on any device: PCs, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, HoloLens augmented reality, and more. More than 2,000 different devices and configurations have been tested so far … The new Windows Store and SDK will also be available on Wednesday, providing access to new apps for Windows 11.

Windows 11 operating system

Windows 11 is a completely new and unique approach to the operating system and is the first step towards the era of personalized computers. It was created based on feedback from users who have become members of the Pre-Test Program. Secondly, for Microsoft, this is an experience gained not from abstract focus groups and groups of testers, but feedback from the most important people for companies – from ordinary Windows users, – says Alexey Konyakhin, a participant of the Pretesting Program in Any language.

Windows 11 operating system personalization  and tools

Windows 11’s arsenal includes familiar tools and innovative services that deliver a high degree of personalization and productivity, allowing you to solve a variety of tasks on all types of devices.

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s all-new browser. Users of any Windows 11 devices can now not only quickly find information and view search results, but also take notes on the page with a stylus, mouse or finger, so that they can then share them with friends and colleagues.

Xbox Integration – The built-in Xbox app lets you play with friends on any device, and play games from your Xbox One console on your tablet or PC. In addition, thanks to the DVR function, players will be able to save, edit and share their best gaming moments with friends.

The Start Menu – Start and Taskbar, familiar to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, let you quickly access your most important content.

Cortana [1] is a personal assistant that makes it easy to find and find the information you need at any time on your phone, PC or tablet.

Continuum – Optimizes apps to work equally well on touchscreen devices and traditional PCs.

Built-in Apps – New apps designed for Windows 11: Photos, Maps, Mail, and Calendar are great for both entertainment and work.

Companion App – Allows Android and iOS smartphones to seamlessly interact with Windows devices

Office Mobile Apps – New Word, Excel, PowerPoint built specifically for Windows Universal Apps will be available for free download from the Windows Store.

Free upgrade to Windows 11

Starting today, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users will gradually receive notifications about the free upgrade to Windows 11 as soon as possible. In addition, in the near future new devices with pre-installed Windows 11 will begin to appear at points of sale. Our retail partners, for example, the Eldorado network, within a month after the release of Windows 11 will provide services in their stores for installing the update on already released devices ( devices must have the necessary requirements for the update).

Long-time Microsoft partner Lenovo, a maker of devices across a wide range of device segments, praised Windows 11 for implementing a single OS platform that will help users seamlessly integrate different devices into one ecosystem. “The release of Windows 11 is undoubtedly a new step in the development of an accessible information environment. Moreover, all this time, our engineers and programmers have worked closely with Microsoft specialists to create the most convenient software for use within the Windows 11 operating system on Lenovo personal computers and tablets, ”says Alexander Kataev, CEO of Lenovo Any language. – It should be noted that the new OS will be available not only in the consumer segment, but also in the corporate line of our products. Most importantly, Windows 11 was created based on user feedback, taking into account all their wishes for previous versions. We are confident that now people around the world will be able to use their devices as productively and comfortably as possible. ”

Windows 11 is the best operating system for business.

For the first time in Microsoft history, Windows 11 has been tested and refined with millions of feedback from IT professionals. Deploying Windows 11 will protect companies from modern cyber threats, and employees can enjoy the latest technological advantages of the operating system through continuous updates. With the new OS, companies will be able to customize the frequency of updates and choose functionality that suits specific groups of employees. The system has built-in reliable tools to ensure the security of corporate data. Customers can now swap out their passwords for more secure corporate data and only use software that they trust. New management and deployment tools simplify

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