Windows 11 operating system includes Ms office 365

The American corporation Microsoft has never missed an opportunity to make the most money on its software, striving to extract the greatest profit from the sale. That is why the operating system Windows 10 costs as much as $ 200, if we talk about the basic cheapest edition of this platform in licensed form. The full version of the Office 2019 office suite costs $ 125, which means it is also incredibly expensive. With all this, that is, with such huge price tags, both of these products are incredibly popular around the globe, and hundreds of millions of people use them on a daily basis. However, all this does not mean at all that the tenth “Windows” is ideal or just good.

Unfortunately, even in spite of hundreds of updates released for the tenth “Windows”, it did not get any better from this in any way. When using it, users are now and then faced with various very different difficulties, the solution of which has to spend a lot of time and effort. There is, of course, nothing good in all this, of course, because hardly anyone wants to spend their time, effort and money on fixing the endless number of various problems and problems that exist in the Windows 10 operating system. That is why a huge number of people living in different regions of the world is waiting for the very moment when the opportunity to download and install Windows 11 for free.

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Microsoft on its new Operating system

Even if Microsoft itself has not yet made absolutely any statements about the Windows 11 operating system, but at the same time it is already known about what exactly it will please everyone. Currently, in mid-September 2020, it can already be downloaded by employees of the American corporation responsible for the testing process. The first public beta version may come out at the end of 2020, while the release of the stable final version will happen a few months later, that is, in other words, in the first half of 2021. The new OS includes the function of quickly creating backups and instantly restoring from such, including by using the cloud storage OneDrive.

As for the newest OS, it will bring along with it increased functionality, improved performance, increased operating speed, a new user interface, new standard applications, many times higher stability, a new protection system, as well as a number of other important advantages that the latest operating system guaranteed, one way or another, everyone will be pleasantly pleased, because it simply cannot be otherwise. Right from the moment it hits the market, the new operating system will be able to easily and simply run all the applications currently available for the tenth “Windows”, including those built on the basis of UWP, PWA libraries and of course Win32. Download Windows 11 will be free, because Microsoft decided to make it completely free for all users in order to increase its popularity.

Famous and popular operating system

The most famous and popular operating system for computers is Windows 10, the release of which originally happened back in 2015. Since then, an extremely long time has passed, during which many updates have been released for her, but at the same time she did not really manage to become better, a great regret. That is why now the whole world is waiting for the very moment when it will be possible to download and install its replacement. Even despite the fact that Microsoft itself has not yet made any statements on this matter, it is already known what exactly the new platform will be able to pleasantly please all users. According to reports, it will be possible to download Windows 11, as it should be called, by the end of 2020, or at the beginning of 2021.

When creating a new operating system, Microsoft considered it necessary to take into account all its past mistakes, so this platform is built on the basis of a modular kernel. Several very important and useful advantages immediately follow from this feature. So, in particular, all users can count on the ability to install updates in the background without rebooting, as well as on a new recovery system from a backup, due to which it will be possible to return the OS to any state when the backup was made, literally in a few clicks. Moreover, the abandonment of many of the old outdated libraries in this OS will achieve real speed improvements.

Download Windows 11 for free

The new operating system will be the fastest ever released by developers from an American corporation, and it will also offer improved stability, a new protection system with the issuance of personal permissions for all applications, redesigned standard applications, a completely new interface appearance with a simplified Start menu », A new way of working search for more efficient work, as well as, in addition, full support for all applications already available today, including UWP, PWA and Win32. All this, without a doubt, is guaranteed to delight all users, because it will be possible to run any programs and games that came out for Windows 10 or even older OS without making changes to their code.

According to the available data, you can download Windows 11 for free, and it will be possible to do this right after the release. Unlike older versions of “Windows”, the new one will be distributed on a free basis, so users to get it will just need to download it from the official Microsoft website, then write it to a USB flash drive, and then install from scratch. After installing the OS, it will be enough to log into your account, which can be created for free, although most Windows 10 users already have it, and immediately after that a free licensed copy is activated. Developers are going to make money on additional features and services, including the Office 365 office suite and the OneDrive cloud storage.

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