Windows 11 : Microsoft introduced New Windows OS

This week, on Wednesday, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system a new generation with a wide range of capabilities, ushering in a new era of computing with a greater role for personalization, as well as two new devices designed to expand the reach of Windows to include both large and screenless devices. Windows 11 is delivered as a service with a sharper focus on security, innovation, and up-to-date capabilities throughout the life of a Windows 11-enabled device. Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 users will receive a free upgrade to Windows 11, subject to the first year upgrade from the release date of “Tens”. Next time, the latest Technical Preview build in the PC version will be presented to users in the Windows Insiders status for free next week, and the smartphone version will be available for the first time in February.

“Windows 11 heralds the dawn of the computing era with a clearer focus on personal in a mobile and cloud world,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “We want 1.5 billion Windows users to love The “top ten” and several billion more took the Windows operating system as their own. ”


The arrival of Windows 11 marks the beginning of an era with a more personal dimension, where technology is fading into the background and being replaced by humans. In this era, it is not the mobility of the device itself that is relevant, but the mobility of capabilities that create conditions for smooth work with various devices in the context of a familiar interface. Live communication – eye contact, speech, gesture – should not be different from communication with the world of technology. Data protection has a key role to play in building trust as the foundation of control.

Microsoft new features in Windows 11

Cortana comes to the world of PCs and tablets. The voice assistant Cortana, which debuted last year as part of the Windows Phone platform, will now delight PC and tablet owners . By studying individual user preferences and improving over time, Cortana will make the right recommendations, providing quick access to information and important reminders, suggesting what is most relevant to the user. Voice control or keyboard input takes place in an easy, natural way, and modern control functionality increases user confidence, contributing to increased service transparency.

Project Spartan: The Internet at your feet. Codenamed Project Spartan, the new browser on offer in Windows 11 is designed with interoperability in mind and includes key features as a starting point to increase reliability and improve the ability to explore the new horizons of the World Wide Web. Among the most modern features – the ability to make notes using the stylus / keyboard over an open web page and easily share information with friends; a special viewing mode available in the active and offline modes of the browser with the ability to read articles without distortion due to simplified markup; Integration of the Cortana service to speed up web surfing and information retrieval – all in a new format designed only for Windows 11.


New gaming experiences on Xbox Live and Xbox app The Windows 11-integrated Xbox Gaming Center (Xbox app) brings gamers and developers the best of the vast world of Xbox Live on Windows 11 through both PC and Xbox One . Thanks to the Game DVR function, you can capture all the most important game moments, if necessary, edit them and share them with friends, and the ability to play new games with friends on different devices will unite millions of gamers around the world. Support for the new DirectX 12 API will provide advantages in speed, efficiency and graphics level. Another exciting feature will allow you to play games directly from your Xbox One console to a PC or tablet from your PC or tablet in your home environment.

Microsoft Office for Windows 11

Microsoft Office for Windows 11 Universal Office apps for Windows 11 offer multi-device experiences with a focus on touch. The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook are designed from the ground up for Windows, built for touch input and offer the familiar and beloved by many users clear and crisp functionality of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, allowing, for example, to easily create and edit a Word document … New ink features in PowerPoint let you annotate slides on the fly, and new touch-friendly Excel controls make it easy to create and maintain spreadsheet documents without using a keyboard or mouse… Details are expected in the coming months on the next version of Microsoft’s desktop office suite.

Other important features of Windows 11 touched upon during the presentation:

Continuum mode. When using 2-in-1 devices, Windows 11 can easily switch between keyboard and mouse mode and touch mode (tablet mode) when the system detects a transition from one state to another by the presence / absence of these input devices.

New universal apps. Windows 11 has new apps in the arsenal that offer a consistent experience when using your device in Continuum mode. The stock Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People & Messaging, Mail & Calendar apps have been redesigned to provide a seamless experience from device to device and from app to app. Storing and syncing content through OneDrive lets you start on one device and continue on another.

“Everything in Windows 11 – features, provision as a service and free upgrade – means that Ten is not just another software product; it is a reflection of the continuous communication that continually brings new content to our customers’ lives, ”said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of operating systems at Microsoft. “The next generation of Windows is a commitment, a commitment to take the burden of sophisticated technology from people on the road to great things.”

Window 11: At the heart of innovation

Windows 11 adapts to a specific type of device – from the Xbox game console to the personal computer and from the phone to the tabletand small-sized gadgets – as well as the capabilities offered by these devices, taking into account the principles of uniformity, recognition and compatibility. Windows 11 supports an incredibly wide range of devices, from the smallest sensors in the Internet of Things concept to servers and enterprise systems in the data center category. Some devices have a 4-inch screen, others use a huge 80-inch display, and still others have no screen at all. Microsoft revealed two new devices on Wednesday that present Windows in a whole new light.

Window 11 and the world of holography

Microsoft provided a groundbreaking example of how Windows 11 is shifting the emphasis from the traditional approach to computing with the dominant role of the computer towards interacting with the much more significant role of users and the personal component. As the world’s first computer platform with holographic functionality, Windows 11 contains a number of APIs that allow developers to bring the holographic dimension to the real world. With the arrival of the Ten, all universal Windows applications will also be able to run in holographic mode, allowing the real world to be imbued with 3D holographic images as a new tool for communication, creation and exploration with more user roles and personalization.

Demonstrating the holographic functionality of Windows 11, Microsoft unveiled the world’s most advanced holographic computer. Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first fully standalone holographic computer in glasses format, requiring no wires or phone / PC connection. HoloLens uses high-resolution transparent holographic lenses in combination with surround sound to not only see, but also hear the holographic images around you. Powered by state-of-the-art sensors, a next-generation SoC and an all-new HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) capable of understanding user interactions and analyzing the environment, Microsoft HoloLens is fully wireless.

Surrounded by 3-dimensional holograms, you will find yourself in a new reality that understands where you are looking and what you say through gestures and speech. By putting people at the center of attention, Microsoft HoloLens will enable you to experience new and incomparable experiences of creating and receiving information, entertainment and, of course, communication.

Microsoft’s new Surface Hub optimizes Windows 11’s potential for group communications

Windows 11 breathes life into a new, large-screen device that makes it easier to solve problems, exchange opinions, and create projects as part of your workflow. With innovative hardware solutions for touch and e-ink, coupled with built-in cameras, sensors and microphones, Surface Hub can take advantage of Windows 11, Skype for Business, and Office 365 software to create a new environment designed to provide a single workspace experience for everyone. working group, regardless of his presence in the office. The Surface Hub has a modern white interactive whiteboard; Quick start remote conference function, sharing function from laptop , tablet or mobile phoneto the material on the screen with the possibility of editing by a group of persons; as well as use as a reliable platform for the operation of applications with support for large-screen display modes. Available in two sizes – 55 “and 84” – Surface Hub removes the existing limitation of the traditional conference room, helping to create the most comfortable environment for fruitful collaboration.

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