Windows 11 Iso Free License Download 64 bit, Release Date, Requirements

Windows 11 Iso Free License Download 64 bit. As you probably are aware, the Windows 10 stage right now accessible available is now very obsolete, and in this manner it has figured out how to acquire unfathomably incredible and huge prominence, which any individual will be more than happy with, on the grounds that it just can’t be something else. To the joy of numerous individuals living on Russian domain, just as in some other locales of the world, this awful working framework will before long be supplanted by a totally new one, the advancement of which is at present being finished by the American organization Microsoft. It offers an entire host of various highlights and benefits, which somehow can satisfy everybody, regardless of whether the new advancement has not yet been formally introduced to people in general.

windows 11 download

As indicated by the information accessible now, the new OS will be accessible to all clients soon, so it is levelheaded now to get some thought of ​​what it will resemble. As per fundamental information, the freshest Microsoft working framework is called Windows 11, and its delivery is booked for the principal 24 June 2021, that is, in a couple of months everybody can gain admittance to its testing, in which everybody can undoubtedly and basically take part by doing this. With no confusions and challenges. The new stage will get another UI, totally upgraded standard applications, a totally new security framework with the capacity of giving authorizations to any product, expanded execution and critical enhancement.

Windows 11 download leaked and extended

The official date of the download of Windows 11 has been divergent. Until June 16, it was rumored that Microsoft will launch the latest version of Windows at 11 am on June 24th, US time, Windows 11! At the same time, there are also Windows 11 downloadable ISOs on the Internet, and many netizens have uploaded the Windows 11 ISO to major platforms, so that other netizens can be the first to know about the Windows 11 update. Have you heard of this single Windows 11 leak in Forum? Shibatang will give you a brief introduction to how to download and install Windows 11 to avoid stepping on thunder!

Windows 11 download ISO:

First download the Windows 11 ISO from the following website. Because Windows 11 ISO still has bugs so far, in order to avoid computer poisoning, please install Windows 11 ISO test on a computer or virtual machine that is not commonly used, and then consider installing Windows 11 on a physical machine if you think it is okay, but we recommend you Wait for the official Windows 11 update download version.

Windows 11 download links (the following are unofficial Windows 11 links circulated on major platforms, which may become invalid or contain viruses at any time. If your Windows 11 ISO Download test results in any loss of your computer or even your property, it is yours You will be responsible for the consequences of downloading by yourself, and Shibatang will not be responsible. When there is an official link to Windows 11, we will update it immediately

Microsoft Windows 11 ISo Requirements

hese system requirements are inherited from Windows 11 versions

  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Hard disk space: 32 GB for 64-bit and 32-bit OS
  • Video card: DirectX 9 compatible
  • Screen resolution: 800 x 600, minimum diagonal size for main display 7 inches or larger.

The new stage depends on the measured Windows Core, made by Microsoft explicitly for this working framework. It is with its assistance that it will actually want to refresh behind the scenes, and likewise, what’s more, the proprietors of different electronic gadgets can rely on a critical and huge benefit as the capacity to rapidly make reinforcements, and simultaneously rapidly recuperate to such. Such an element will positively affect the trust of numerous individuals in Windows 11, since everybody will get that assuming something out of nowhere turns out badly as initially expected, it will consistently be feasible to effectively and just move back to a more seasoned rendition of the working framework.

It’s implied that there isn’t anything astonishing in this and can’t be, on the grounds that the more steady any product is, the better, and this reality is clear to everybody. Concerning the rundown of viable gadgets, the client needs at any rate a 2-center processor with a recurrence of 1 GHz, in any event 2 GB of RAM, and simultaneously 35 GB of free space. It will be feasible to get a permit for Windows 11 totally for nothing, since all customary clients will approach this OS for nothing, that is, you won’t need to pay anything for it by any means, which is ensured to satisfy everybody, on the grounds that there could be no alternate method to be basic even and can’t. The American enterprise Microsoft chose to make the most recent stage totally free.

Hardware configuration for Windows 11 looks like this at least:

  • Processor: Intel 8th Gen (Intel i3 / i5 / i7 / i9-7x), Core M3-7xxx, Xeon E3-xxxx and Xeon E5-xxxx, AMD 8th Gen (A-Series Ax-9xxx, E- Series Processors Ex-9xxx, FX-9xxx) or ARM64 (Snapdragon SDM850 or later)
  • RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) for 32-bit or 16 GB for 64-bit
  • SSD / NVMe: 128 GB minimum for 64-bit and 32-bit OS
  • Video card: DirectX 9 or later
  • Screen resolution: 800 x 600, minimum diagonal size for main display 7 inches or larger.


Windows 11  Iso system innovations

Around 11 form of Windows, delivery dates, the specific delivery date is 24 june 2021. On the off chance that simply because the data is excessively opposing. Official sources don’t affirm the improvement of the new OS. Be that as it may, the choices are brimming with data. Indeed, even subtleties are given: what it resembles, necessities, trademark highlights. We should attempt to sort out Windows 11, envisioning that it actually exists.

Bits of gossip about the presence of the following OS from Microsoft Corporation occasionally show up and vanish. The specialists don’t have a solitary perspective. Obviously, it is beneficial for the organization to make interest identified with the arrival of the framework. In any case, how should normal clients respond?

For some time, how about we expect that Windows 11 will in any case be there. Simultaneously, we will discover what the engineers have arranged there. Coincidentally, the year 2021 was reported as the “last” delivery date. All the more correctly, the principal half of the year. We should stand by, however for the time being, how about we get to know the data about the new form of Windows.


 Customarily, another OS ought to some way or another stick out, contrast from other Microsoft items.

Among the advancements that will be introduced to clients (and analyzers also) are the accompanying: Redesigned appearance, interface. Changed Action Center. Improved on establishment. Responsive taskbar. Sped up search from the Start menu. The capacity to help contraptions on different stages.


Aficionados of the “dozen” can barely discover likenesses among this and the new Windows. The designer guarantees a totally updated plan, while giving quicker dispatch, stable execution, and ease of use of the interface.

Notification Center

 Since nobody has seen the OS live, it stays to depend on data from insiders. They say that notices in the “eleven” will fairly take after the arrangement in the Mac. Screen and moment progress to the ideal position.


The intricacy of Installation, the presence of certain capability necessities for the client – this is the thing that is continually looked in Microsoft items. In this manner, the establishment interaction frequently takes after a mind boggling wizardry ceremony, distant to the unenlightened. The new Windows OS vows to have an essentially extraordinary boot loader. Quick and with an improved on calculation of activities, pleasant plan. Also, the blue screen will at this point don’t show up during refreshes. From here on out, updates will happen behind the scenes without drawing in extra client consideration.

Task bar

 The progressions normally influenced a particularly natural control for Windows clients as the taskbar. Interestingly, it was considered to make the instrument alterable, versatile to explicit prerequisites, gadget. This will add agreeableness, permit you to customize every individual OS.

Start Menu

What’s more, here advancements and critical changes are normal. This menu will become multifunctional. The “tiles” that are exhausting to everybody will be supplanted by a framework of introduced applications. Furthermore, the client will actually want to look through both the OS and the organization. A suggestion region shows up. Planned helpful assets, office archives will go there. In addition, the rundown will get alterable, attached to activities in Windows.

Android device support

Regardless of whether there will be full help for Android contraptions in the new OS isn’t yet clear. In the best ten, Microsoft utilized a sharp stunt – empowered synchronization for certain utilizations of the portable stage. However, not for all Android fabricates. Also, for a predetermined number of gadgets. Intelligently, in Windows 11 OS ought to be completed top to bottom “work on bugs”. What’s more, very likely, clients can at long last interface a cell phone to a PC without “hitting the dance floor with a tambourine” and shamanic customs. Work straightforwardly with portable applications.


After the information on the rise of another OS was reported, questions stay about the veracity of the data. The organization’s administration has over and again underlined that Windows 10 is the most recent. Be that as it may, how is this to be perceived? That the enterprise will leave the typical plan, center, set of keys? Or on the other hand will it dispatch the following line, dispatching another age of Windows? Intelligently, Bill Gates can’t totally quit fostering the OS. Since then it will deliberately give its portion of the overall industry to contenders. Probably, the following get together will show up. Yet, it isn’t understood what it will be, the manner by which it will be called.

Concerning the delivery dates, the spring of 2021 (first 50% of the year) is declared. Yet, even this is incorrect. As training shows, delivery dates are effectively deferred (even change inside and out). It stays to pause. The OS doesn’t plan to help Win32 programming yet. This is a less. Regardless of whether this implies that the new Windows will get extraordinary, Linuxoid – isn’t totally clear. Incidentally, about the framework necessities. It is expected that Windows 11 will well acknowledge machines with CPUs on at least 2 centers, with a recurrence of 1 GHz or more. Smash is needed from 2 GB. What’s sans harder circle space from 35 Gigabytes?

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