Windows 11: features, release date and license price

Now the most relevant and widespread operating system of Microsoft is Windows 10, which was released back in the summer of 2015. Nevertheless, it did not remain the newest in its class for too long, since it will soon be presented and then released a new platform for computers, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices, and it is called Windows 11. Currently, an American corporation , which creates it, does not advertise its upcoming release in any way, but many obvious facts indicate this, which is simply impossible not to notice. In addition, it is known how much the license will cost for it.

Obviously, the new platform will be better than any available now, and this will be expressed literally in everything. So, it will provide increased speed, enhanced security system, and at the same time a significant increase in battery life on laptops and tablets through code optimization, the latest energy saving algorithms and a reduction in the number of background processes. However, this is far from all that this platform for electronic devices will be able to please. Users in Windows 11 can look forward to a brand-new, incredibly beautiful look and feel of the entire interface that will definitely delight all users. This will be supplemented with new menu elements and simplified all navigation to make the process of using this OS simpler and more understandable.

Windows 11

windows 11

According to the currently available data, a brand new operating system will be able to update unnoticed by the user, that is, all updates will be loaded in the background, and then invisibly take effect without the need to reboot or log off. This will simplify the process of installing updates as much as possible, since you will not need to spend money on it. This will undoubtedly delight all users, as it will improve the user experience. Moreover, the system for installing updates in Windows 11 will be as reliable as possible, so if something suddenly breaks partially or completely, the user will be able to return everything back within two weeks after installing the update in a couple of clicks, spending literally 5 minutes on it.

Windows 11 new operating system

The new operating system will be the most reliable Microsoft has ever released, and it will also receive native support for Android smartphones, getting full synchronization with them. According to the data available now, the presentation of Windows 11 will take place in the first quarter of 2020, that is, from January to March inclusive, and then, after that, this platform will become available for installation on all computers and other user gadgets. It is expected that its final stable release will take place in the third quarter, that is, it will be possible to download it somewhere in September. As for the price of the license, this will cost $ 200 (5000 hryvnia), how much the licensed version of the most affordable assembly of Windows 10 currently costs. It remains to be believed that users of the currently available Windows will have the opportunity to update to a new one with the license retained for free.

Microsoft showed a new design for Windows

Microsoft showed off a redesigned Windows design. The new look of the operating system is shown in the video, which was published in Instagram Director for Windows Product Panos Panay (Panos Panay).

The teaser is timed to coincide with the first billionth user of the OS. The video shows how the operating system looked before and how its design changed. In particular, the company showed new icons for applications built into the system and an updated Start button. Microsoft designers redesigned the Explorer interface and changed the context menu.

The Verge noted that the teaser appeared a few days before Microsoft’s online presentation on March 30. According to the publication, at the event the company will talk about plans for Windows and show a new type of subscription to the Microsoft 365 service.

In late February, insiders revealed that Microsoft intends to update the design of Windows. The company is going to change the Start button and remove the tile design it added in 2012. Instead of “tiles”, the designers plan to add a list of applications that the user launches most often and other system elements.

In December, Microsoft unveiled a new design concept for its operating system, which revamped its embedded application icons. The company continued its Fluent Design concept, which it adopted in 2017, according to which the visual elements of programs are three-dimensional, rather than flat. The journalists highlighted that this is the first major visual update of the operating system since the release of Windows 10 in 2015

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