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Microsoft today (June 24) will hold the “What’s next for Windows” conference event at 23:00, and will release the next-generation desktop operating system Win11 and its application store. Micosoft CEO said in the Build Conference event that this is the biggest update in Windows history. In the early hours of this morning, Microsoft issued another notice for Windows 11 , suggesting that  Windows 11 will have improvements in touch, visual design, and audio.

Windows 11 is Faster Than Windows 10

Since the Ignite 2021 Developer Conference, Microsoft has been hinting at the “next generation of Windows”, and the latest preview comes from the company’s YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Although the leaked version of Windows 11 reveals new visual improvements, we don’t know whether the next-generation operating system will be faster than Windows 10. This situation has now changed due to the leaked version of the benchmark, which confirms the previous report that Windows 11 will provide performance improvements on specific hardware.

A new benchmark has been conducted to find out the changes made to the Windows scheduler in the leaked version. Benchmark details:

  • Windows 10 version 21H1 (updated in May 2021) and the leaked Windows 11 version.
  • Samsung Galaxy Book S equipped with Lakefield Core i7-L16G7.
  • The basic driver was updated using Samsung’s built-in software.

Windows 11 benchmark

As you can see in the test results below, Windows 11 seems to be updated slightly faster than Windows 10 May 2021.

windows 11 download

In the GeekBench 5 test, Windows 11 provided a 5.8% improvement in the multi-threaded test and a 2% improvement in the single-core test. The results show a slight improvement in performance, which is not exciting, but we look forward to further improvements when the operating system is finalized and ready for consumers.

windows benchmark

In terms of web browsing, Windows 11 also seems to be faster than Windows 10 21H1.

In the BrowserBench test, the leaked version runs Chrome v91 10% faster than 21H1 (updated in May 2021).

Cinebench R23 attempts to give a “real-world” benchmark reading of the internal power of the test machine, and the results show that in the single-threaded test, the leak build speed is nearly 8.2% faster.

This result is based on three different tests, and in all experiments, the Core i5-L16G7 processor is faster on Windows 11.

The 3DMark test found a small performance regression, which is not surprising because the driver is not optimized for leaked updates.

Microsoft is working on large-scale scheduling updates

According to previous reports, overall, Windows 11 is faster than its predecessor in early testing, which is expected.

According to people familiar with the matter, Intel and Microsoft are clearly working to optimize the performance of Windows 11. Intel has confirmed that its 12th generation Alder Lake will use a combination of normal cores and energy-saving cores.

The report shows that Microsoft is working on “large-scale scheduling updates” to improve the performance of hybrid CPU systems.

The Windows update will optimize the built-in scheduler of the hybrid CPU. This change will benefit systems with normal cores and low-power cores, such as Intel Alder Lake and ARM’s big.LITTLE.

The next version of Windows will be released on June 24, and will be released approximately at the same time as Alder Lake in October.

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