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Useful Features of windows for the users: Windows 10 has been with us for almost two months now and we’ve talked about a ton of new features that Microsoft’s new operating system has arrived with. Some as obvious as the Cortana assistant, the new Microsoft Edge browser or the return of the Start menu and others somewhat more hidden such as the possibility that Windows 10 offers to transform files to PDF without third-party tools, the quick navigation of the Start menu, or the different options to customize our desktop. However, there are still some news or improvements not as well known as these since they are not so visible to the user, although they are not less important for that reason and that we are going to show you below.


Snipping Tool

It is an integrated tool to take screenshots and that was introduced by Microsoft for the first time in Windows Vista but now in Windows 10 it comes with a new function that is to be able to start a timer and take screenshots of our screen with a Configurable delay between 1 and 5 seconds.


Scrolling with the mouse in applications that do not have the focus

With Windows 10 it is possible to scroll through the different applications that we have open on our desktop by sliding the wheel of our mouse without the window having the focus. The system detects that the mouse has been placed on that application and allows us to move through it without bringing it into focus and without having to click on the window itself, in such a way that it is possible to move from one application to another and scroll through them without having than be clicking on each one of them every time. It is activated by default in the Mouse and touch panel settings within the system settings and configuration.


Searching by type

In Windows 10 we can search all types of files, applications, settings, folders and much more by type just by using the Type: specifier syntax. In other words, if we want to search for html files, just type in the search field in Windows files: html.


Reading mode in Microsoft Edge

The new web browser that Windows 10 has arrived with and that has replaced the famous Internet Explorer has come with important new features, but perhaps one of the most useful is that it has a reading mode that eliminates everything that the browser detects as outside the basic content of the page so that it is displayed in a more pleasant way and offers a better reading experience. Just click on the icon to the right of the browser’s address bar to activate it.


Record what happens on the screen

It is a very interesting feature that caused a great sensation to be able to record your games thanks to the Xbox application. However, it can be used as a tool to record everything that happens on our screen to make useful video tutorials or whatever is needed. Simply pressing the Windows + G key combination will show us the bar to start our recording.


Offline Maps

Within the Windows 10 configuration it is possible to activate the option that allows you to download maps to later be able to access them without having an Internet connection. To do this, go to Settings> System> Offline Maps> Download Maps and choose the one for the country you want.

Side-loading applications

Unlike Windows 8.1, with Windows 10 it is possible to install universal applications from anywhere, not like in Windows 8.1 where the Microsoft store was the only way to get Metro or Modern applications. Of course, so that we can do this, we must activate the option “Carry out test installation of applications” in Settings> Update and security> For developers.


Little Known Windows 10 Features Really Useful

The Windows 10 May Update is coming down. Virtually every year, Microsoft releases a major operating system update that adds functionality and fixes certain operating system parameters. This year, the Windows 10 May update will take up more space and is expected to add interesting new features, such as Android notification synchronization, but before that, we must review some features and functions of Windows 10 that are really useful in the day a day.


Xbox game bar

The Xbox Game Bar in Windows 10 is a must-have feature for many in the operating system. For a long time, if we wanted to take a screenshot in Windows, we had to turn to ImpPant + Paint, but with the latest shortcuts and tools for taking screenshots, and the Xbox bar, that was history. If we activate Game DVR recording in ” Settings ”, we can use the Xbox bar (Windows + G) to perform different options, such as recording the screen or taking a screenshot. However, we can also use shortcuts.


View Windows 10 data usage

If you work with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, this is something that does not matter to you, but if you have a laptop in which a SIM can be activated, it is a fundamental function of Windows 10 .


Share with nearby teams

There are times when we want to share different files with users or teams that are nearby and why do it with more complicated tools, if we can do it directly? That is precisely what the ” Windows 10 Close Experiences ” offer us .


Windows 10 antivirus

Something very useful in Windows 10 is the antivirus . Many users install a complementary antivirus to the one that comes standard with Windows 10, but the truth is that Windows Defender is a great antivirus that constantly monitors our computer.

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