Versions of Microsoft Windows Since Starting

We have been talking to you about the features of Windows 10 since October last year and many of you are bored of reading articles like "5 reasons why I should not / yes I should upgrade my computer to Windows 10" (depending on the foot that the writer laps) . As that part does not interest us so much, since our thing is to teach programming courses ( and the good ones ) this post is designed to detoxify us from the vortex of these days since the decision, after all, as Frank Sinatra would say It's up to you .... We are going to walk through the last 30 years of Windows, starting naturally in Windows 1 all the way to Windows 10. We begin: Windows 1 (1985) Although it was announced in 1983 by Bill Gates, its launch did not occur until two years later, specifically on November 20, 1

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