Windows XP

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 interface

Windows 8 start interface, which was new at the time, split people’s minds: Many users found it bad, only a minority found something positive about it. Under Windows 10, the on-board means is…

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Windows 7

Windows 7 key features that make it attractive to IT Pros

User expectations for information technology and IT professionals are very high today. Currently, from IT professionals expect of all used about lshih opportunities and greater flexibility while minimizing costs and risks. Windows 7…

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The 6 Best Things About Microsoft Windows 7

Few More New Surprising Features in windows- multitask on your PC

Move quickly between virtual desktops Do you want to multitask on your PC?  In Windows 10, Microsoft finally provided native access to virtual desktops.  Now you can really multitask . To try it,…

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