Service Host SysMain or Superfetch | what is it & how to Disable?

The Service Host SysMain service is an interesting service, on the one hand it is there, but on the other it is not, that's a joke. And all because SysMain is the name of a service for all sorts of programs, well, or for programmers, but the name that is for us is SuperFetch. Therefore, SysMain and SuperFetch are one and the same service, although to be honest, it seemed to me that SysMain is some kind of the most important Windows service, judging by the name. So, this SuperFetch service runs under the svchost.exe process and is designed to improve PC performance. Well, at least that's what the Windows developers say about it, but in other respects I can't say that it's not. Although it seems to me that many will disagree with me and will be sure that this service needs to be disabled,...

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