Refuse to Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Has just started the month of March 2019, a month that is sure Microsoft has marked on his calendar, as it is along these days when the company plans to finish what could be one of the updates of Windows 10 more important, especially because of the repercussions it can have.

We say this because the Redmond- based company is playing a lot with the April 2019 Update, especially if we take into account what happened just a few months ago in the most recent feature update, the October 2018 Update, which even deleted data. personal accounts of users on their own. But of course, the company wants that to remain only a bad memory, hence the importance of April 2019 that will reach the whole world in just a few weeks.


Windows 10 will allow you to convert any audio to Dolby Atmos

In fact, there is a vast majority of Windows 10 clients who have refused to go from the April 2018 Update to the aforementioned October 2018, so they have not received a major update for almost a year, more out of fear than another thing. But these concerns, as many of you already know, are not limited to this step, since something very similar has been happening, on a large scale, with the migration of millions of users from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

What’s more, Windows 7, an operating system that will no longer receive official support in less than a year, has become the worst enemy of Windows 10, since in reality it has been the great “culprit” of the slow growth of the version more recent software. Microsoft itself has “attacked” Windows 7 for some time now, calling it an unsafe and outdated version of the operating system, something that will increase significantly when it stops receiving official support. But despite all this, hundreds of millions of users still prefer to work on this old version of Windows, rather than carry out the migration that Redmond requests so much.

Reasons why users don’t switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10

To begin with, we will say that Windows 7 is perhaps the most loved and respected version of Windows by users of all existing ones, so for many, migrating to another that, although it is sold as better, more powerful, functional and secure, is something that it costs them. This is where the “better known bad…” thing can be applied, although this is not the only reason why millions refuse to make the change.

It is true that sooner or later, this is a migration that will have to be carried out, although some of those who try to delay the migration of their computer as much as possible, attribute it to the fact that Windows 7 consumes much less resources from his team. Therefore, if at the moment everything works well, they do not see the need to change to a version of the system, yes, more powerful, but also much more demanding that possibly leave their PC out of date and they are forced to buy another.

And what about one of the sections that has been giving Microsoft the most headaches due to constant complaints from users, we are talking about the collection of data from these by Windows 10 to send them to the firm’s servers, which is known as telemetry. This is one of the biggest controversies that this version of the software has been dragging on almost since it was released back in the summer of 2015 and that little by little it has been solved, or at least greatly softened.

While Microsoft itself argues that this collection of user information is done in a totally private way and for the benefit of users, these, in most cases, are in total disagreement with these practices. Therefore, once the controversy has been served, it goes without saying that Windows 7 users want to avoid it as long as possible, so they do not want to be forced to work with an operating system that “spies on” and controls his actions.

Windows 10 updates, one of the operating system’s burdens

It is precisely for this reason that Windows 7 users, despite the fact that the most recent version of the software has a powerful security solution such as Windows Defender, feel more protected with a system that has been guaranteeing their privacy in the day to day with your computers.

And to finish we are going to mention one of the most important aspects, as well as problematic of Windows, its updates. Microsoft currently ships security patches and cumulative updates on the second Tuesday of each month, known as Patch Tuesday. At the same time, it is releasing two major feature updates a year that could be considered a new version of Windows 10, although in many cases, both of them are still surrounded by controversy.

Although it only affects a minority, that is true, the almost inevitable failures of these updates and patches give much to talk about, since they sometimes refer to very serious failures that affect the stability and correct functioning of users’ computers affected, although as we say, these are a minority. But of course, as feature updates have become more complex and advanced, the unexpected bugs that concern them have also become more serious and complex, like the many detected by the criticized October 2018 Update.

Therefore, here we have another of the most important reasons why millions of current Windows 7 users refuse to migrate to Windows 10, since, as we said at the beginning, they work with a stable system, which does not give them problems and meets your needs perfectly; why change. But of course, in January 2020 Windows 7 will stop receiving official support from Microsoft itself, which will make this operating system an easy target for attackers.

This is what it will cost to continue having Windows 7 Pro updates starting next year

That is why both end users, and especially those companies that want to keep their data safe, will have to start seriously considering that migration that they have been avoiding for so long, unless they pay, with which they can extend that period by two years plus. In any case, no matter how much negative publicity there is regarding Windows 10, for most of us we find the best Windows in all history, both at a functional level, as well as security, so it is not as bad as some think or they want us to see.

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