New Windows 11 look and smoother design

The advent of new Windows 11 has always been one of the most criticized elements of the operating system. It’s true that Microsoft has taken great care of this, looking for a way to offer its users a modern and classic operating system. However, it’s been new the introduction of Windows 11 and the look and feel known as “ Free Design. ” It’s not finished yet, which is why some designers often create concepts that are as valuable as the one we’re going to see next.

It’s true that Microsoft has been improving and updating the look and feel of its operating system lately. For example, we recently saw that the Start menu is not, after all, meaningless gibberish of colored squares, but is now much more respectful of the overall look of the theme. Even the Live Tiles fit perfectly now. However, these small strokes are not enough.

New Windows 11

While Microsoft continues to work on Fluent Design, a Reddit user posted a series of screenshots that re-represent the look of the operating system if Fluent Design was done correctly. And the truth is, once we see it, we will want to have it on our PC.

New flexible design with blur and more sophisticated design for new Windows 11

This new reimagined design is originally based on the look and feel of Windows 11 20H2 , the October 2020 update, coming in a couple of weeks. In it, we can see a new Start menu with more well-groomed and streamlined tiles, although programs save a lot more space between them.

We already see some interesting changes here. The first one, and the most curious one, is how the appearance changes, changing the original sharp corners of Windows to rounded edges in Start and in all windows of the PC. We can also see the changes in the taskbar where the time and date have changed.

Transparency has also taken on a lot of importance in this new look. As we can see, the common parts of the programs have appropriate transparency, which is consistent with the rest of the window aesthetics. Also, very importantly, we can see the concept of how tabs should be in windows windows, for example in file explorer. Someday this feature will become a reality.

How could it be less, we also have a “dark mode”. While Windows 11 already has its own night theme, all dark, the truth is that it has nothing to do with what its macOS and Linux competitors offer . The dark theme that this new Windows 11 concept introduces is a lot more discreet and fits much better with all the elements of the system.

Microsoft is still working on Fluent Design: is that enough?

Gradually, Microsoft continues to improve the appearance of its operating system. However, updating it does not seem to be a priority for the company at all. If you compare the appearance of Windows 11 20H1 with the appearance of the first version of 2015, you can see important changes in it. However, these changes are happening so slowly that they often go unnoticed.

Microsoft should work hard and allocate a version specifically to visually update its operating system. The launch should be improved, windows should have rounded corners, and of course we should see the Sets, File Explorer tabs again . However, this does not seem to be the case. At least with the 2021 versions.

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