How to Change the Refresh Rate on Windows 11  

Your PC’s revive rate directs what your presentation resembles, Refresh Rate and all the more explicitly, how smooth your Windows show shows up. Windows 11 is stacked with new elements, and the new Dynamic Refresh Rate highlight makes your review experience smoother and better. Invigorate rate is essentially the times each second a picture revives on your screen, and it is estimated in hertz (Hz). For instance, a 144Hz showcase will invigorate your screen with a recently drawn picture 144 times each second; a higher revive rate will make your designs a lot of smoother and further develop your general presentation experience. Accordingly, setting the right revive rate is a significant piece of getting a decent visual encounter. Thus, this is the way you can change the presentation invigorate rate on a Windows 11 PC.

Refresh Rate

How to Change the Refresh Rate on Windows 11

Assuming that you’re on a Windows 11 PC, you can rapidly change the revive pace of your screen/show invigorate rate in a couple of snaps utilizing the upgraded Settings application. To change the revive pace of your presentation:

Send off the Start menu, look for Settings and snap on the Best match.’

From the sidebar menu, click on System and afterward select the Display tab.

Under the Related settings tab, click on Advanced showcase.

You should now see a dropdown box close to Choose a revive rate, select the ideal rate, and your progressions ought to apply naturally.

To change the invigorate paces of various showcases, then, at that point, select the necessary presentation from the Select a presentation to view or change its settings dropdown box.


Changing Your Refresh Rate, Made Easy

While easygoing clients won’t want to change their invigorate rate, gamers can encounter significant contrasts they would say with a higher revive rate. Regardless of which camp you’re in, presently you know how to appropriately change your frameworks invigorate rate in Windows 11.

Invigorate rate is the occasions a showcase refreshes its substance each second. A higher revive rate brings about a smoother show. The on-screen substance update quicker, bringing about upgraded movement designs’ perfection, which assists with high speed gaming.

Assuming you have a PC with a higher revive rate or an outer screen that runs at 120Hz or 144Hz, this is the way you can change the invigorate rate on your Windows 11 machine.


Method 1- Change Refresh Rate from Windows Settings

The most straightforward method for changing to a higher or lower invigorate rate on Windows 11 is through framework settings. The strategy additionally works for gadgets running Windows 10.

Press Win + I to open Settings on your Windows 11 PC. On the other hand, you can open it from the Start menu.

Select System from the sidebar at the left and select Display.

Then, at that point, tap Advanced Display.

Click the drop-down menu close to Choose an invigorate rate.

It will show the invigorate rates upheld by your PC’s showcase or outside screen.

Select you’re preferred invigorate pace. The change will produce results right away.

Click Keep Changes whenever incited by the affirmation discourse.

Click on Change Adapter Properties for Display in Display > Advanced showcase page.

Change to the Monitor tab.

Select the revive rate from the given drop-down menu.

In the event that you have numerous showcases associated with your PC, you have the choice to choose the one you need to make changes for.


Method 2- Using Intel Graphics Control Panel

Assuming your PC accompanies coordinated Intel designs, you can utilize Intel Graphics Control Panel to change the screen revive rate, as displayed beneath.

Open the Intel UHD Graphics Control Panel. You can do as such from the Start menu, right-tapping on work area > Intel Graphics Settings, or squeezing CTRL + ALT + F12.

Click on the Display symbol.

Assuming you have different presentations, you can choose from the choice menu at the top.

Click the drop-down menu for Refresh Rate.

Select you’re preferred invigorate pace.

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