The state of DX12 games in 2017, is DirectX 12 losing its steam?

DirectX 12: The Ultimate Gaming Driver For Open world Games

DirectX 12: The Ultimate Gaming Driver For Open world Games: DirectX 12 Ultimate is a significant update of the notable Microsoft API. With it, the Redmond goliath has made a significant stride in…

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Useful Features of windows for the users – Windows

Useful Features of windows for the users: Windows 10 has been with us for almost two months now and we’ve talked about a ton of new features that Microsoft’s new operating system has…

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Windows 10 version 2004, May 2020 Update: new features and changes •  Pureinfotech

Several new features in Microsoft Windows 10 version 2004

Microsoft Windows is not one.  It is a combined patchwork of tools built on top of features dating back to the beginning of the operating system, which has been tested over time. With…

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The 6 Best Things About Microsoft Windows 7

Few More New Surprising Features in windows- multitask on your PC

Move quickly between virtual desktops Do you want to multitask on your PC?  In Windows 10, Microsoft finally provided native access to virtual desktops.  Now you can really multitask . To try it,…

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Windows 11

Windows 11: features, release date and license price

Now the most relevant and widespread operating system of Microsoft is Windows 10, which was released back in the summer of 2015. Nevertheless, it did not remain the newest in its class for…

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windows 10 updates

Windows 10 updates | Complete guide | feature updates

Windows Update is an essential part of Windows 10, no matter what edition or version of this operating system you use. Windows Update is a way for Microsoft to distribute not only so-called feature updates, but…

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windows 10

Windows 10 new features in the last spring update

The most important new feature in the last spring update of Windows 10 was the timeline, with which you can keep an eye on and continue your activities across all devices. We will show…

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Windows 11 Customization

Start menu in Windows 11 Customization

There are two ways to make settings in the Start menu: open “Personalization” and edit the Start section; direct change of parameters, directly from the desktop. Removing and adding tiles From Windows 10…

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