Blue Screen Windows 11 Error: How To Fix BSOD Error

Blue Screen (also known as Blue Screen of Death, Blue Screen, and BSOD) is a screen that shows data about basic blunders of the Windows working framework. In Windows 11, as in past adaptations, it shows up in the event of genuine framework issues and lethal accidents. Simultaneously, you see the content on the screen:

Your PC has an issue and should be restarted. We just gather some data about the mistake, and afterward a restart will be consequently performed.

The blue screen can show up in an unexpected way: during the boot interaction (before the work area or the welcome screen is shown), following signing into the client account, after a specific time frame activity time (for instance, 2 minutes), when beginning a specific projects are either unconstrained or tumultuous. In this article, we will discover the explanations behind the presence of the blue screen. Additionally, we should discuss how to eliminate the blue screen in Windows 11 and fix the issue.

Blue Screen

Windows 11 Blue Screen Reasons

There are numerous potential explanations behind a blue screen. Among them: malware and infections; contrariness or erroneous activity of gadget drivers; harm to framework documents of the working framework; bombed updates of the Windows 11 working framework; synchronous utilization of a few enemy of infection programs; mistaken BIOS settings (counting overclocking); overheating (processor, video card, connect/chipset).

Inconsistency of segments (for instance, memory modules with one another); equipment breakdown of PC segments (for instance, awful areas on the hard plate when a terrible area shows up in the capacity space of framework records). Subsequently, due to such countless variables, there is no straightforward and one-size-fits-all answer for eliminate the Windows 11 blue screen.


How to Disable Windows 11 Restart on Blue Screen of Death

By and large, after the presence of the blue screen, the PC reboots soon and the client doesn’t have the opportunity to truly peruse what was composed. You can attempt to handicap the restart (obviously, in the event that you get the blue screen prior to stacking the Windows graphical shell, this won’t work). Along these lines, on the off chance that your framework boots and can run for some time:

Press Win + Break. Snap Advanced System Settings. On the Advanced area Startup and Recovery, click Settings. Uncheck the Auto restart box: This will permit you to painstakingly see the point by point data about the mistake and quest for an answer for a particular issue on the Internet by the name of the broken module or the stop code. The nvlddmkm.sys, ntoskrnl.exe, fltmgr.sys modules frequently cause disappointment. Stop codes resemble this: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, and so forth


How to remove blue screen Windows 11

To take care of the issue, you need to check your PC point by point. We have masterminded the activities in this manner on purpose. We considered two factors: the most widely recognized reasons for the blue screen and the simplicity with which the arrangement was carried out. On the off chance that the point didn’t help, continue to the following one. At some point or another, you will discover the reason for the BSOD.


Removal of viruses and malware

This thing isn’t incidentally recorded first. These days, malware is so far and wide thus effectively advanced by trickiness on the Internet that you need to check your PC for infections first. Numerous individuals pondered when the blue screen issue vanished after malware was eliminated.

At times, the blue screen doesn’t permit you to either complete the output or download the antivirus by any means. For this situation, following booting, attempt to immediately open the framework properties and select the “Experimental Mode with Networking” boot type: Then restart the PC quickly until it by and by falls into a blue screen. When tainted with malware, Safe Mode with networking permits you to download antivirus, output, and eliminate malware.


System Rollback – Windows 11 Recovery

In the event that you saw precisely when the blue screen showed up interestingly, take a stab at playing out a framework rollback. To do this, you can utilize either the underlying System Restore work, or a reinforcement picture made by Acronis, AOMEI Backupper, Ghost or some other, on the off chance that you have one.

I need to add that regularly a blue screen shows up subsequent to introducing an update for Windows 11. If so for you, then, at that point first attempt to refresh the gadget drivers, and afterward attempt to uninstall the update. Furthermore, one more comment: on the off chance that you did a framework reestablish, re-check the PC for infections and check the uprightness of the framework documents. This is on the off chance that the reinforcement you recuperated from as of now had infections or Windows mistakes.

In the event that a BSOD happens during the framework boot cycle or springs up excessively fast after boot, so that there is no hope with the PC, this will be depicted underneath in a different passage.


Updating Windows Drivers

On the off chance that, when a blue screen shows up, the name of the module that caused the mistake is shown, scan the Internet for data about what sort of document it is. For instance, in the event that you discover that a part of the NIC driver is coming up short, then, at that point start by searching for a refreshed adaptation:

Simultaneously, don’t depend 110% on drivers that Windows 11 downloads and introduces all alone. As a rule they turn out great, yet at times it’s anything but a Microsoft driver is “lightweight” or “conventional”, easing back execution or messing framework up.

Visit the authority site of the producer of your equipment (PC, motherboard, video card) and check if there is an authority driver for Windows 11. On the off chance that it is accessible, download the most recent form and introduce. Now and again the contrary activity additionally helps: moving back the drivers (for example introducing the past variant of the driver if a more up to date one causes a blue screen).

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