windows 11 iso

Windows 11 Iso Download 64 bit – New Operating System Leak

On June 24, Microsoft will hold a show at which it will divulge “the up and coming age of Windows”. The organization started conveying a relating greeting for writers in late-spring – seven…

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windows 10

How to install Windows 10? Step by step manual and installation

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most recent working framework to date. This working framework was dispatched in July 2015 and, from that point forward, gradually it has been adding an ever increasing number of…

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The state of DX12 games in 2017, is DirectX 12 losing its steam?

DirectX 12: The Ultimate Gaming Driver For Open world Games

DirectX 12: The Ultimate Gaming Driver For Open world Games: DirectX 12 Ultimate is a significant update of the notable Microsoft API. With it, the Redmond goliath has made a significant stride in…

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Useful Features of windows for the users – Windows

Useful Features of windows for the users: Windows 10 has been with us for almost two months now and we’ve talked about a ton of new features that Microsoft’s new operating system has…

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Best CPU for gaming 2021: the top Intel and AMD processors | Rock Paper  Shotgun

Choose the Best Gaming CPUs for 2021 AMD & Intel

When looking for the best gaming CPU, you’ll need to offset execution and highlights with your PC spending plan. Our tips and picks beneath will assist you with picking the best CPU for gaming. You…

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Software 101: A Complete Guide to Different Types of Software

Best Software & Programs for Windows Users

Each establishment of Windows 10 incorporates an enormous assortment of the inherent application. Notwithstanding, there are numerous helpful applications that you could have on your PC to play out extra errands. Such application…

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Windows 11 Message Center

How to Disable Windows 10 Message Center?

You can disable receiving messages from the Windows 10 Message Center directly from the notification area on your desktop. To do this, right-click on the message center icon located in the system tray….

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How to Disable Superfetch and Prefetch in Windows 8

What Is Superfetch On Windows 10 And How To Disable It

What Is Superfetch On Windows 10 And How To Disable It: SuperFetch is a Windows framework measure that has had various names consistently. On Windows XP it was known as Prefetch. SuperFetch was…

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The Best Free Software of 2020 | PCMag

Useful Software For Windows to improve user experience

Useful Software For Windows to improve user experience: Windows 10 has been around a few months at this point, and it’s outstanding amongst other Microsoft has offered us. It has been very generally…

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How to remove or disable search bar from desktop in Windows 10

Disable search bar  -Microsoft gave the world the ability for less computer savvy users to have a computer at home and take advantage of it, thus giving access to those who were not…

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