100% Hard Drive Usage in Windows 10 Solved

100% disk usage in windows 10: Are you suffering from 100% hard drive usage problem in Windows 10? Today we bring you the solution. Windows 10 is such a great operating system and it has so many options that on many occasions’ problems arise that we do not know how to solve, and this is one of them for which we bring you the solution today. Many users are encountering this error, which can have different origins and therefore different solutions. But there is no doubt that we are facing a common and common problem that many Windows 10 users (especially), but also Windows 8 or 7 have suffered. What happens is that the task manager says that we are with 100% use of the hard disk. Has it happened to you and do you want to solve it? We tell you how:

5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 100% Disk Usage in Task Manager

Solution: 100% Hard Drive Usage in Windows 10

To begin to solve it, we will try the following:

Look for “Defragment and optimize drives” in Cortana.

Press “Change settings”> monthly frequency.

If it is defragmented, press> Optimize.

This should fix the problem of disk usage being 100% in Windows 10. Because we are decongesting the disk and optimizing it to have space in a natural way. It is an option that should work for you and be perfect from the moment you try it.


Workaround: problems with Windows Update

If it doesn’t work it could be due to a problem with Windows Update. That is, it is likely that the download and installation of these updates is consuming the entire hard drive, 100%. This can be solved:

Search for “Services” in Cortana.

Set “Windows Update” to manual startup. (Do it with Windows Search too).

Search for “Windows Update” in Cortana and see if an update download is in progress. Also choose the hours of the unused PC so that the updates do not take place when you are using the PC and thus you do not have to go through these problems of 100% disk usage.


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100% Hard Drive Usage, How to Fix This Windows 10 Problem

It doesn’t matter if you have a state-of-the-art Kaby Lake processor, or ample 2400 MHz RAM, among others, the performance of your hard drive can make your computer go slow. And not strictly the performance of the hardware – the hard disk or SSD – but the management that Windows 10 does of it. There is a very common problem that not only occurs in Windows 10 – where it is more frequent – but also in Windows 8 and even Windows 7. When, in the task manager, we find 100% use of the hard disk.

The read and write speed of the hard drive, just like if you have an SSD, is limited. In modern computers the maximum bandwidth should be 6 Gb / s and the read and write rates can easily be around 500 MB / s, but even with these technical specifications there are Windows 10 users who find that it is being used 100% of hard disk – of its benefits, well – , and therefore the computer works slow although the CPU remains at 30% – for example – and there is space available in RAM.


Prevent Windows 10 from using 100% of the hard drive by limiting updates

It is a Windows 10 problem that can have different origins, and therefore there are also several possible solutions. One possible problem is that the disk is fragmented – strange in Windows 10, because it defragments automatically – or that it is being defragmented at the moment. To avoid both problems, we will simply search for ’Defragment and optimize drives’ in Cortana, and from here we will click Change settings to choose a monthly frequency. And if it is defragmented, we will click on Optimize and let the process complete. If the above does not work, it may be due to a problem with Windows Update. An update download and installation may be consuming 100% of your hard drive, and we can resolve this by searching for Services in Cortana and setting Windows Update to Manual Start. Something that we can also do with Windows Search to prevent these types of problems from occurring. And looking for Windows Update in Cortana we can see if there is an update download in process, in addition to selecting hours of the disused computer so that updates and restarts do not occur while we are working with the computer.


How to fix full disk usage in Windows 10

In case your computer has become painfully slow, freezes and hangs frequently, chances are you are dealing with High Disk Usage on your computer. Below you will find the steps to fix 100% disk usage in Windows 10.

Typically 100% disk usage in Windows 10 leads to a very slow computer, even if you only have a few programs open on your computer.

To confirm if your computer is suffering from High Disk Usage, right-click the Start button and click Task Manager.


Below you will find a series of solutions to solve 100% disk usage in Windows 10. Depending on your case, you may only need some of these solutions to solve the hard disk usage problem on your computer.

  1. Prevent Skype from running in the background

By default, the Skype program starts automatically with your computer and remains active in the background, using your computer’s resources.

In general, you should be able to see a significant reduction in disk usage simply by preventing Skype from automatically starting on your computer.

To do this, you can follow the steps in this article: How to prevent Skype from running in the background in Windows 10

  1. Disable tips, tricks and tips

The Get Tips, Tricks, and Tips feature in Windows 10 has been linked to computer slowdowns by some users.

  1. Go to Settings> System> Notifications & Actions and unchecked Get tips, tricks and tips.
  2. Restart your computer and you will be surprised to see that it works faster than before.

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