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Microsoft seems to have a different approach on the release of any new operating system. There have been many rumors and anticipations regarding the concept of Microsoft Windows 11 that may have left you stumped on what to do with your new computer. Microsoft released the Windows 10 October Update, which brought you some cool features and brought fast login with it. You can expect new versions in your current Windows 10 over time, but not a completely new Windows 11 iso download . It is important to know that Microsoft is scheduled to release two updates in a year, which you can get in the month of June which windows 11 iso 64 bit. The news comes as Microsoft is very much expecting to unveil the next generation of its software at the June 24 event, possibly under the name Windows 11 download. Microsoft officially announced that it will completely stop supporting Windows 10 in 2025.

Windows 11

Windows 11 download 64 bit 32 bit

It is now possible to download Windows 11 if you participate in Windows Insiders. Here we give you all the details so you can have the latest Microsoft operating system You have to be careful not to download it from any website, as this could fill your computer with malware or ransomware, the latter being capable of blocking your computer.  Being a beta it is possible that it has some flaws or incomplete functions. In this case, it is advisable to do the test on a secondary PC. Otherwise, it is best to wait for the official date and see reviews.

Microsoft launches First Version of Windows 11 for Insiders

This first version includes many of the changes announced by the company: the new start menu, multitasking options, the new Microsoft store, the new file explorer, etc. However, two significant features are not present during the presentation event : integration with Microsoft Teams and support for Android applications in Windows.

To download Windows 11, you will need to enroll in the Windows Insiders program. To do this, go to Settings> Updates and Security> Windows Insider Program . Once registered, you will be able to download Windows 11 as if it were one more update in the settings of your computer.

The machine on which Windows 11 will be downloaded, of course, must meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system. As described on the Microsoft website, you need a PC with a 64-bit dual-core processor running at least 1 GHz, 64 GB of available storage, at least 4 GB of RAM, a compatible graphics card with DirectX 12 and a screen of at least 9 inches and 720p resolution.

The update is known as Windows 11. A massive leak of the entire new operating system preceded an official reveal on June 24, although we have now been hands-on with Microsoft’s official initial beta .

Windows 11 Final Version Launches later this year

The final version of Windows 11 is expected to hit the market later this year, so that will be when we see the first computers with this pre-installed operating system . Machines sold so far with a Windows 10 license will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 at no additional cost as long as they meet the minimum requirements.

As always, it is not recommended to download Windows 11 and install it on a machine with which you work daily, since, being a development version, it is possible to encounter various errors or stability problems.

Windows 11 Release Date

  • Launch apparently scheduled for October 2021
  • Available to Windows Insiders as an initial release

We expect the Windows 11 release date to be during October 2021, with a public beta before then in the summer. Many of the screenshots Microsoft has posted around the launch have an October 20 date on the taskbar, with the time set to 11.11.

A very early build has now been made available for Windows Insiders – people registered in a pre-release program.

Windows 11 will reportedly go down to a single major feature update per year instead of the two we currently have with Windows 10. Of course, there will also be security updates for everyone.

Windows 11 Iso System Requirements

  • Processors from 2016-17 onwards
  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module) support required
  • Microsoft’s PC Health Check app will tell you if your PC is compatible

We’ve covered this in more detail in our Windows 11 system requirements feature, but this time Microsoft says you can only install it on processors made roughly from 2016-17 onwards, for Intel PCs that are 8th Gen Core onwards (more certain Celeron, Pentium Chips and Atom).

The stricter requirements are thanks to the security measures that the processors manufactured from that date have, support for a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is officially mandatory, although it seems that it may be possible to install it on older machines in the future (Microsoft is currently testing it on 7th-generation Intel Core computers, for example.)

Coincidentally, you will now need to have a Microsoft account to set up Windows 11 Home, although this is not the case for other versions.

Windows 11 iso 64 bit Features

  • New start menu and taskbar design
  • Widgets mean there are a lot of customization possibilities
  • Snapshot groups allow you to configure your screen however you want

Windows 11 features several interface tweaks including a new Start menu that looks more like an app launcher, more rounded corners, snap controls that allow you to pin a window in place on your screen (and snap groups), a new widget area and icon on the taskbar and a new Windows settings experience.

Snapshot groups and snapshot layouts are particularly interesting, allowing you more flexibility and choice on how to configure your display with multiple windows. Windows can now be organized in different ways, while Windows will remember your layouts so you can easily return to them in the future. Windows 11 will also remember how you placed your windows on an external display and give you access to that layout when you dock it again.

A lot of icons have been updated as well, giving everything a fresh feel compared to Windows 10. However, in terms of functionality, it’s not a huge leap from Windows 10, more of an iteration.

The key design change is the new Start menu that you can see above. The taskbar icons are now centralized (you can move them back if you want). The Start menu also shows you the most recently touched files.

The new resizable widget bar is essentially the replacement for the live tiles on the Windows 10 Start menu, allowing personalized information such as relevant news to be delivered. There should be a lot of different options here at launch as developers will be able to contribute as well.

On tablets, the pop-up windows change orientation if you switch from landscape to portrait. The touch targets have also been made larger to make them easier to use to touch.

Android apps can now also be installed on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store, which in turn will be redesigned. The apps will come from the Amazon Appstore, so there won’t be the rank you would get on Google Play. It has been reported that this process will not be easy, as you will first need to log into an Amazon account to download it.

Microsoft Teams, however, will be integrated into the operating system, apparently now preferred to the officially forgotten Skype.

For games, Windows 11 supports Xbox Series X Auto HDR, which adds HDR to games created for DirectX 11 or later.

Microsoft wants to position Windows as a platform for other things more than ever. Microsoft says it will welcome any type of app to the store, not just native store apps, even if developers use their own ways of accepting customer payments.

Interestingly, there are a ton of features missing from Windows 11 that we’ve detailed in a separate feature, but these include Live Tiles, replaced by the Widgets sidebar, tablet mode, the timeline, and Cortana are front and center. . There are also a ton of other applications that are no longer present and these include the old Internet Explorer.

Grove Music Maker app. It looks like Microsoft will compete with Apple’s GarageBand music creation software with this new app. The goal is to allow users to mix instrumental and vocal tracks, as well as apply basic effects such as reverb.

A refreshed Windows Defender . Microsoft has focused heavily on improving Windows 10 security, and it looks like it’s doing a new update with a new design. In addition to protection against viruses, the application also includes firewall and network protection; team performance and health; and safety features for the family.

Scrollable tabs for previews in Microsoft Edge . Microsoft Edge will have a feature designed to make it easier to navigate through a bunch of tabs.

Set aside the tabs in E d ge. You’ll also get a feature that looks like a way for users to save their browser tabs for later access. It’s reminiscent of Apple’s reading list features in Safari, which also allows users to keep a list of articles and sites that they can return to later.

Collect places on Maps . A new section called “Collections”, that is, groupings of places. It also appears that there will be some mechanism in the app to share those collections among friends, but how it will work is unclear.

New live tiles . The Windows 10 start menu shows a new Cortana Live option, along with the new icon that shows information related to the device’s battery level. The first one is a good way for the user to get contextual information from Microsoft’s virtual voice assistant, while the second one becomes a useful tool for all those laptop and tablet users who work with Windows 10.

Custom accent colors. People who want to further customize the Windows palette will be able to choose from a full palette of accent colors, more than the handful of swatches Microsoft allows today. It will also let users know when the color they chose might be unreadable.

Buy in apps from the Windows Store home screen. Looks like the Windows Store is going to get support for selling in-app purchases right from your home screen. Microsoft is showing both Minecraft IAP and League of Legends digital articles in this screenshot, which could mean there is an ongoing partnership between the two companies.

Time limits in games. This appears to be a feature that will be of great help to parents seeking to maintain normal playtime for their children. A notification appears telling the player that they have five minutes to go, although it is unclear what happens after the time is up.


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Windows 11 release date

What about end of support in Windows 10?

There has been speculation that users have been found anticipating the Windows 11 release date by viewing the “End of Support” section on the official Microsoft website. It is important to know that the end of support varies from Windows 10 versions and not Windows 10 completely. For example, the current version of Windows 10 version 1809 was available since November 2018 and its end of service for this version is in the month of May of the year 2021. Now, Windows 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft is not meant by this

Will there be a Windows 11?

You can expect new versions in your current Windows 10 over time, but not a completely new Windows 11. It is important to know that Microsoft is scheduled to release two updates in a year, which you can get in the month of April and October of each year.

What is the future of Windows 10?

According to experts, Microsoft has been slowly ditching Windows ’10’ and may be aiming for it to be just ‘Windows’. Now, Windows 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft is not meant by this Experts suggest that Windows is like any other service that will simply be updated twice a year to provide all new hardware with compatible services. Jerry Nixon, the Microsoft developer evangelist, told Ignite’s technical conference, “Right now we are releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows, we are all still working on Windows 10.” All things considered, it’s clear that Microsoft will never be able to consider the concept of Windows 11 . However, this is not the end of everything new in terms of technology. Microsoft is determined to release new updates on behalf of “Windows” and not its serial number. It is important to know that every detail provided here is based on available research and data. Microsoft has not made any official announcement to release or deny the release of Windows 11.

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Windows 11 New Features

New / Exquisite home button:

The controversy over the disappearance of the start button was a big part of the hype and buzz over Windows 8. Microsoft is supposed to be able to bring it back in desktop versions of Windows 11, in a more refined and better way.

Radical restructuring of the user interface:

I doubt it 100%. Windows 11 is a smooth deployment of Windows 8, the word “rage” is smooth. Microsoft will try to damage this update as little as possible. I think there will be no noticeable changes, and nothing aggressive.

Deeper integration with bing:

I think that’s true. Microsoft continues to work with Bing and I think Windows 11 will be no exception. There will be numerous chances in the following form of Microsoft Windows to incorporate inquiry into the operating system.

Deeper integration with Azure for cloud storage:

I hope Microsoft continues to push to use Azure for cloud storage. Microsoft, by the way, can integrate parts of the operating system into cloud documents / file storage.

Advanced power management:

This is already expected. Microsoft did an nice job with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 with power management system. Microsoft is expected to streamline the operating system in new versions of Windows.

Improved gesture integration:

It will be relevant if Microsoft tries to add gesture recognition to Windows 11. I hope the company goes beyond the initial steps taken in Windows 8.1 (especially in the culinary application). Using computer gestures will be great if they can be successful at this.

Improved security:

Hope the security features in Windows 11 are improved, including fingerprint recognition. Microsoft did an excellent job of security, continuing to lock down Windows with every major release.

Only 64 bits?

This is a long legend. In the last 6 years, we have assumed that Microsoft will switch to an exclusively 64-bit system. I doubt this will happen in this release. Once again I draw your attention to the fact that it will not be a controversial topic, but as smooth as possible, without problems or experiences. At least Microsoft has to hope so.

What are Windows 11 Universal Apps?

Windows 11 Download

Microsoft is developing special versions for key applications, such as Office, for 8-inch phones and tablets with Windows 11.

Applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook will look and feel almost identical to their desktop counterparts, but will be optimized for the touch screen and its size. Through Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, all your files will be accessible on these devices, no matter where they were created.

Old information

In a blog post, Microsoft describes how the company envisions the ideal operating system. Is this the blueprint for the future of Windows?

Asia’s largest IT fair, “Computex”, is currently held in Taipei, Taiwan. Microsoft is also represented there and presents its new laptops. But that’s not all: if you read the blog post about the event between the lines, you will realize that the software company is apparently looking very closely at the future of its Windows 10 operating system.

In the article, Nick Parker, vice president of the equipment division, describes how the company envisions a modern operating system. Therefore, it should serve two roles in particular: It should support users in their projects rather than hinder them. And it should give pleasure to the user.

This means that the updates run discreetly in the background. Additionally, applications and systems must be strictly separated from each other to provide less attack surface for malware.

Additionally, Microsoft appears to be considering expanding the use of cloud services and artificial intelligence. Therefore, devices must be online at all times and in all places. Also, the different input tasks via mouse, keyboard, language and touchpad should be more combinable.

Windows 10 is not mentioned at all in the blog post. So it’s unclear whether Microsoft is talking about concrete ideas for its existing operating system – or a potential successor – as Windows blogger Martin Geuß suspects. That is already known: Microsoft has been working for some time on a new operating system called “Core OS”, which will work on various devices, including Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses “HoloLens”

When will Windows 11 issue related news:

June 16: Windows 11 is likely to be launched on June 24, 2021

June 1st: Microsoft will hold a special Windows release event on June 24th. I believe there is a chance to be the Windows 11 conference. We will follow up the report as soon as we have the information.

May 19: Earlier, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 support will be discontinued on October 14, 2025. If you wait to get it, you can wait one or two years for a new computer. By then, Windows 11 will be pre-installed and there will be no There are too many obvious and serious Windows Bugs.

First look at the release time of Windows 11:

There is finally new news when Windows 11 goes to market! It is reported that the release date of Microsoft’s Windows 11 has been set on June 24, 2021, and the “Next Generation Windows System” will be released! This means that everyone will be able to use the new Windows 11 interface as early as 2021!

Windows 11 price:

It is estimated that the price of Windows 11 may be similar to that of Windows 10. Windows 10 Home costs $1,549, and Windows 10 Pro costs $2,339. I believe that by then the price of Windows 11 will not be much different from the price of Windows 10.

June 22: It was reported on the Internet that a Microsoft partner, Software Keep, suddenly launched the pre-order page of Windows 11 Home Edition on its own website. It stated that the price was US$174.99, which is about HK$1358. However, it is impossible to know if it is true or not. If there is the latest information on the price of Windows 11 later, we will update it for you as quickly as possible!